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Friele H. (1886). Zoology, Mollusca II. Den Norske Nordhavs-expedition, 1876-1878, 3(16): 1-44, pl. 7-12

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Asbjornsenia Friele, 1886 (original description)
Asbjornsenia striata Friele, 1886 accepted as Asbjornsenia pygmaea (LovĂ©n, 1846) (original description)
Bela decussata var. finmarchia Friele, 1886 accepted as Curtitoma finmarchia (Friele, 1886) (original description)
Bela schmidti Friele, 1886 accepted as Oenopota harpa (Dall, 1885) (original description)
Bela tenuicostata var. willei Friele, 1877 accepted as Curtitoma decussata (Couthouy, 1839) (basis of record)
Cyclostrema millipunctatum Friele, 1886 accepted as Retigyra millipunctata (Friele, 1886) (original description)
Cyclostrema willei Friele, 1886 accepted as Skenea basistriata (Jeffreys, 1877) (original description)
Eulima laurae Friele, 1886 accepted as Melanella laurae (Friele, 1886) (original description)
Laevicordia smidti (Friele, 1886) accepted as Lyonsiella jeffreysi [sic] accepted as Lyonsiella jeffreysii E. A. Smith, 1885 accepted as Lyonsiella smidti Friele, 1886 (additional source)
Lyonciella [sic] accepted as Lyonsiella G.O. Sars, 1872 (basis of record)
Lyonciella smidti Friele, 1886 accepted as Lyonsiella smidti Friele, 1886 (original description)
Lyonsiella smidti Friele, 1886 (original description)
Odostomia normani Friele, 1886 accepted as Ondina normani (Friele, 1886) (original description)
Odostomia sublustris Friele, 1886 accepted as Chrysallida sublustris (Friele, 1886) (original description)
Rissoa americana Friele, 1886 accepted as Frigidoalvania brychia (A. E. Verrill, 1884) (original description)
Rissoa verrilli Friele, 1886 accepted as Alvania verrilli (Friele, 1886) (original description)
Solariella laevis Friele, 1886 accepted as Solariella obscura (Couthouy, 1838) (original description)

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