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Horatiinae D. W. Taylor, 1966

1000097  (

Genus Anagastina Radoman, 1978
Genus Caucasogeyeria Grego & Mumladze, 2020
Genus Caucasopsis Grego & Mumladze, 2020
Genus Dalmatinella Radoman, 1973
Genus Graecoarganiella Falniowski & Szarowska, 2011
Genus Hausdorfenia Grego & Mumladze, 2020
Genus Horatia Bourguignat, 1887
Genus Imeretiopsis Grego & Mumladze, 2020
Genus Kartvelobia Grego & Mumladze, 2020
Genus Montenegrospeum Pešić & Glöer, 2013
Genus Pezzolia Bodon & Giusti, 1986
Genus Radomaniola Szarowska, 2007
Genus Sadleriana Clessin, 1890
Genus Sardohoratia Manganelli, Bodon, Cianfanelli, Talenti & Giusti, 1998
Genus Tanousia Servain, 1882
Genus Vinodolia Radoman, 1973

Genus Andrussowiella Wenz, 1939 accepted as Tanousia Servain, 1882 (replacement name for "Sandria Andrusov, 1890", non Brusina, 1886, which is a misapplication and not an available name; Sandria Brusina is a junior objective synonym of Tanousia)
Genus Lithoglyphulus Schlickum & Schütt, 1971 accepted as Tanousia Servain, 1882
Genus Orientalia Radoman, 1972 accepted as Radomaniola Szarowska, 2007 (invalid: junior homonym of Orientalia Bykova, 1947 [Foraminifera]; Orientalina and Radomaniola are replacement names)
Genus Orientalina Radoman, 1978 accepted as Radomaniola Szarowska, 2007 (invalid: junior homonym of Orientalina Kolosnitsyna, 1973 [Crustacea]; Radomaniola is a replacement name)
Genus Sandria Brusina, 1886 accepted as Tanousia Servain, 1882 (junior objective synonym)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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