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Helicites W. Martin, 1809

1035533  (

 unaccepted (Established for fossils of Helix to distinguish them from extant members of that taxon. Invalid: available only for the purposes of the Principle of Homonymy (Art. 20))

Species Helicites gregarius Schlotheim, 1820 † accepted as Hydrobia gregaria (Schlotheim, 1820) † (new combination)
Species Helicites paludinarius Schlotheim, 1820 † accepted as Hydrobia paludinaria (Schlotheim, 1820) † (new combination)
Species Helicites pseudoammonius Schlotheim, 1820 † accepted as Biomphalaria pseudoammonia (Schlotheim, 1820) † (new combination)
Species Helicites sylvestrinus Schlotheim, 1820 † accepted as Megalotachea sylvestrina (Schlotheim, 1820) † (new combination)
Species Helicites trochiformis Stahl, 1824 † accepted as Gyraulus trochiformis (Stahl, 1824) † (new combination)
Species Helicites viviparoides Schlotheim, 1820 † accepted as Viviparus hammeri (Defrance, 1825) † (nomen nudum; Bronn (1848) treated it as a valid name and made it available by inclusion of Paludina hammeri Defrance, 1825 in its synonymy)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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