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Ethalia H. Adams & A. Adams, 1854

391536  (

Species Ethalia bellardii (Issel, 1869)
Species Ethalia bysma Herbert, 1992
Species Ethalia carneolata Melvill, 1897
Species Ethalia catharinae Poppe, Tagaro & Dekker, 2006
Species Ethalia electra Herbert, 1992
Species Ethalia gilchristae Herbert, 1992
Species Ethalia guamensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1834)
Species Ethalia minolina Melvill, 1897
Species Ethalia nitida A. Adams, 1863
Species Ethalia omphalotropis A. Adams, 1863
Species Ethalia polita A. Adams, 1862
Species Ethalia rufula Gould, 1861
Species Ethalia sanguinea Pilsbry, 1905
Species Ethalia striolata (A. Adams, 1855)
Species Ethalia variegata (Preston, 1914)

Subgenus Ethalia (Ethaliella) Pilsbry, 1905 accepted as Ethaliella Pilsbry, 1905
Species Ethalia africana E. A. Smith, 1904 accepted as Teinostoma africanum (E. A. Smith, 1904) (original combination)
Species Ethalia brazieri Angas, 1877 accepted as Rotostoma brazieri (Angas, 1877)
Species Ethalia candida A. Adams, 1862 accepted as Leucorhynchia candida (A. Adams, 1862) (original combination)
Species Ethalia capillata Gould, 1862 accepted as Ethaliella capillata (Gould, 1862) (original combination)
Species Ethalia diotrephes Melvill, 1910 accepted as Teinostoma diotrephes (Melvill, 1910) (original combination)
Species Ethalia floccata G. B. Sowerby III, 1903 accepted as Ethaliella floccata (G. B. Sowerby III, 1903) (original combination)
Species Ethalia lirata E. A. Smith, 1872 accepted as Leucorhynchia lirata (E. A. Smith, 1872) (original combination)
Species Ethalia multistriata A. E. Verrill, 1884 accepted as Solariorbis multistriatus (A. E. Verrill, 1884) (original combination)
Species Ethalia perspicua A. Adams, 1861 accepted as Teinostoma perspicuum (A. Adams, 1861) (original combination)
Species Ethalia philippii (A. Adams, 1854) accepted as Monilea philippii A. Adams, 1854
Species Ethalia plicata E. A. Smith, 1872 accepted as Leucorhynchia plicata (E. A. Smith, 1872)
Species Ethalia sobrina A. Adams, 1861 accepted as Lissotesta sobrina (A. Adams, 1861) (original combination)
Species Ethalia striolata Kilburn, 1977 accepted as Ethalia carneolata Melvill, 1897
Species Ethalia tasmanica Tenison Woods, 1877 accepted as Modulus modulus (Linnaeus, 1758)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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page(s): 11: 423 [details]   

basis of record Williams S.T., Karube S. & Ozawa T. (2008) Molecular systematics of Vetigastropoda: Trochidae, Turbinidae and Trochoidea redefined. <i>Zoologica Scripta</i> 37: 483–506. [details]   

additional source Higo, S., Callomon, P. & Goto, Y. (1999) Catalogue and Bibliography of the Marine Shell-Bearing Mollusca of Japan. Elle Scientific Publications, Yao, Japan, 749 pp.  [details]   
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