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Montfortia subemarginata (Blainville, 1819)

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original description  (of Emarginula australis Quoy & Gaimard, 1834) Quoy J.R.C. & Gaimard J.P. (1832-1835). <i>Voyage de découvertes de l'"Astrolabe" exécuté par ordre du Roi, pendant les années 1826-1829, sous le commandement de M. J. Dumont d'Urville. Zoologie.</i> 1: i-l, 1-264; 2(1): 1-321 [1832]; 2(2): 321-686 [1833]; 3(1): 1-366 [1834]; 3(2): 367-954 [1835]; Atlas (Mollusques): pls 1-93 [1833]. Paris: Tastu. , available online at
page(s): 328, pl. 68 figs 11-12 [details]   

basis of record McLean J.H. (2011) Reinstatement of the fissurellid subfamily Hemitominae, with the description of new genera, and proposed evolutionary lineage, based on morphological characters of shell and radula (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda). <i>Malacologia</i> 54(1-2): 407-427. [details]   
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

To MNHN Type collection (IM-2000-4820)
To MNHN Type collec...
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