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C. R. Boettger, 1956
Boettger, C. R. (1956). Beitrage zur systematik der Urmollusken (Amphineura). <em>Zoologischer Anzeiger Suppl.</em> 19: 223-256. [details]   
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original description Boettger, C. R. (1956). Beitrage zur systematik der Urmollusken (Amphineura). <em>Zoologischer Anzeiger Suppl.</em> 19: 223-256. [details]   

basis of record An outline for the classification of Phylum Mollusca in taxonomic databases [report elaborated by WoRMS editors for internal use, june 2010] [details]  OpenAccess publication 

additional source García-Álvarez O., Salvini-Plawen L.v., Urgorri V. & Troncoso J.S. (2014). Mollusca. Solenogastres, Caudofoveata, Monoplacophora. <em>Fauna Iberica.</em> 38: 1-294. [details]   
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Classification There is a debate over whether Caudofoveata should be a subclass of a Class Aplacophora or a separate class. The phylogenetic relationships of aplacophoran molluscs are not unambiguously resolved although the data at hand (see Haszprunar 2000: American Malacological Bulletin 15, 115-130, and Glaubrecht, Maitas & Salvini-Plawen, 2005: Mitteilungen aus der Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin – Zoologische Reihe 81, 145-166) would support a relationship like Solenogastres(Caudofoveata(Polyplacophora(Conchifera)))) making Aplacophora paraphyletic. For this reason, contra the Aculiferan hypothesis of Scheltema (1993: Biological Bulletin 184, 57-78) and in agreement with the European school of Salvini-Plawen, Solenogastres and Caudofoveata are given full class status. [details]

Dutch schildvoetigen  [details]
Swedish gälmaskmollusker  [details]

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