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Montacutinae W. Clark, 1855

225  (

Genus Altenaeum Spaink, 1972
Genus Anisodevonia Kato, 1999
Genus Barrimysia Iredale, 1929
Genus Brachiomya Jespersen, Lützen & C. Nielsen, 2004
Genus Callomysia Habe, 1951
Genus Calvitium Laseron, 1953 accepted as Mysella Angas, 1877
Genus Conchentopyx Barnard, 1964
Genus Coracuta Holmes, Gallichan & H. Wood, 2006
Genus Coriareus Hedley, 1907
Genus Curvemysella Habe, 1959
Genus Cycladoconcha Spärck, 1931 accepted as Entovalva Voeltzkow, 1890
Genus Decipula Jeffreys, 1876 accepted as Tellimya T. Brown, 1827
Genus Devonia Winckworth, 1930
Genus Draculamya P. G. Oliver & Lützen, 2011
Genus Entovalva Voeltzkow, 1890
Genus Eolepton Oyama, 1973
Genus Epilepton Dall, 1899
Genus Fronsella Laseron, 1956
Genus Jousseaumia Bourne, 1906 accepted as Jousseaumiella Bourne, 1907
Genus Jousseaumiella Bourne, 1907
Genus Kelliola Dall, 1889
Genus Kelliopsis Verrill & Bush, 1898
Genus Kona Dall, Bartsch & Rehder, 1938 accepted as Thecodonta A. Adams, 1864
Genus Koreamya Lützen, Hong & Yamashita, 2009
Genus Kurtiella Gofas & Salas, 2008
Genus Larissamya P. G. Oliver, Skryabin & Al-Ghunaim, 2017
Genus Lasaeoneaera Cossmann, 1913 †
Genus Laubriereia Cossmann, 1887 †
Genus Litigiella Monterosato, 1909
Genus Malvinasia Cooper & Preston, 1910
Genus Mancikellia Dall, 1899
Genus Montacuta W. Turton, 1822
Genus Montacutella Jespersen, Lützen & C. Nielsen, 2004
Genus Montacutona Yamamoto & Habe, 1959
Genus Montaguia Bucquoy, Dautzenberg & Dollfus, 1892 accepted as Montacuta W. Turton, 1822 (unjustified emendation of Montacuta)
Genus Mysella Angas, 1877
Genus Nesis Locard, 1899 accepted as Planktomya Simroth, 1896 (invalid: junior homonym of Nesis Mulsant, 1850 [Coleoptera]; Monterosatus is a replacement name)
Genus Nipponomontacuta Yamamoto & Habe, 1961
Genus Nipponomysella Yamamoto & Habe, 1959
Genus Ohshimaia Habe, 1977 accepted as Devonia Winckworth, 1930
Genus Peregrinamor Shôji, 1938
Genus Phascoliophila F. Nordsieck, 1969
Genus Planktomya Simroth, 1896
Genus Potidoma A. E. Salisbury, Edwards & Curbs, 1964 accepted as Epilepton Dall, 1899
Genus Ptilomyax P. G. Oliver, 2012
Genus Soyokellia Habe, 1958
Genus Sphaerumbonella Coen, 1933 accepted as Scintillula Jousseaume, 1888
Genus Sphenalia S. V. Wood, 1874 accepted as Montacuta W. Turton, 1822 (objective synonym of Montacuta)
Genus Synapticola Malard, 1904 accepted as Devonia Winckworth, 1930 (Invalid: junior homonym of Synapticola Voigt, 1892 [Crustacea]; Devonia is a replacement name)
Genus Syssitomya P. G. Oliver, 2012
Genus Tellimya T. Brown, 1827
Genus Thecodonta A. Adams, 1864
Genus Waldo Nicol, 1966
Not documented
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additional source Bieler R., Carter J.G. & Coan E.V. (2010). Classification of Bivalve families. Pp. 113-133, <i>in</i>: Bouchet P. & Rocroi J.-P. (2010), Nomenclator of Bivalve Families. <i>Malacologia</i> 52(2): 1-184. [details]   
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Classification Although this family is placed in synonymy of Lasaeidae by Bieler, Carter & Coan (2010), it is here kept separate with its content maintained as of june, 2010. Although not formally evaluated for phylogeny, the family as currently understood contains genera which are likely to be phylogenetically related.  [details]

Dutch zeeklitschelpen  [details]

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