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Paladilhia Bourguignat, 1865

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Paladilhia pleurotoma Bourguignat, 1865 (type by subsequent designation)
Paladilhia (Lartetella) Cossmann, 1921 †· accepted, alternate representation
Species Paladilhia castaneaensis Girardi, 2015
Species Paladilhia conica Paladilhe, 1867
Species Paladilhia coutalensis Girardi, 2015
Species Paladilhia gloeeri Boeters & Falkner, 2003
Species Paladilhia gloeri Boeters & Falkner, 2003
Species Paladilhia jamblussensis Bertrand, 2004
Species Paladilhia moitessieri Bourguignat, 1865
Species Paladilhia pleurotoma Bourguignat, 1865
Species Paladilhia plicistria (Cossmann, 1888) †
Species Paladilhia roselloi Girardi, 2004
Species Paladilhia subconica Girardi, 2009
Species Paladilhia umbilicata (Locard, 1902)
Species Paladilhia vernierensis Girardi, 2009
Species Paladilhia yunnanensis Y.-Y. Liu, Y.-X. Wang & W.-Z. Zhang, 1980

Subgenus Paladilhia (Liaohenia) Youluo, 1978 † (taxon inquirendum)
  » Species Paladilhia (Liaohenia) liaoheensis Youluo, 1978 † (taxon inquirendum)
  » Species Paladilhia (Liaohenia) sinensis Youluo, 1978 † (taxon inquirendum)

Species Paladilhia gervaisiana Bourguignat, 1865 (nomen dubium)
Species Paladilhia masclaryana Bourguignat, 1866 (nomen dubium)

Subgenus Paladilhia (Lartetella) Cossmann, 1921 † represented as Paladilhia Bourguignat, 1865

Subgenus Paladilhia (Paladilhiopsis) Pavlovic, 1913 accepted as Paladilhiopsis Pavlović, 1913 (original rank)
Species Paladilhia bessoni R. Bernasconi, 1999 accepted as Palaospeum bessoni (R. Bernasconi, 1999) (original combination)
Species Paladilhia pontmartiniana (Nicolas, 1891) accepted as Paladilhia pleurotoma Bourguignat, 1865
Species Paladilhia robiciana Clessin, 1882 accepted as Paladilhiopsis robiciana (Clessin, 1882) (original combination)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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original description  (of Paladilhia (Lartetella) Cossmann, 1921 †) Cossmann, M. (1921). Essais de paléoconchologie comparée. Douzième livraison. Paris: [the author]. 349 pp., plates A-D, 1-6., available online at [details]   

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