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Trochomorphidae Möllendorff, 1890

816186  (

Genus Benthemia Forcart, 1964
Genus Brazieria Ancey, 1887
Genus Calostropha Ancey, 1887
Genus Coxia Ancey, 1887
Genus Dendrotrochus Pilsbry, 1894
Genus Entomostoma H.B. Baker, 1941
Genus Eurybasis Gude, 1913
Genus Foxidonta Clench, 1950
Genus Geodiscus Iredale, 1941
Genus Geotrochus van Hasselt, 1823
Genus Hogolua H.B. Baker, 1941
Genus Kondoa H.B. Baker, 1941
Genus Liravidena Solem, 1959
Genus Orpiella Gray, 1855
Genus Peleliua H.B. Baker, 1941
Genus Probrazieria H.B. Baker, 1941
Genus Tegumen Gude, 1913
Genus Theskelomensor Iredale, 1933
Genus Trochomorpha Albers, 1850
Genus Trochositala Schileyko, 2002
Genus Videna H. Adams & A. Adams, 1855
Genus Videnoida Minato, 1988
Genus Vitrinoconus C. Semper, 1873

Genus Chiroktisma Gude, 1913 accepted as Geotrochus van Hasselt, 1823
Genus Disculus Schaufuss, 1869 accepted as Videna H. Adams & A. Adams, 1855 (Nom. nov. pro Discus Albers, 1850, non Fitzinger, 1833. Invalid: junior homonym of Disculus Deshayes, 1863 [Architectonicidae])
Genus Discus Albers, 1850 accepted as Videna H. Adams & A. Adams, 1855 (invalid: junior homonym of Discus Fitzinger, 1833)
Genus Eurypus C. Semper, 1870 accepted as Orpiella Gray, 1855 (Invalid: junior homonym of Eurypus Kirby, 1819 [Coleoptera], Fretum Sykes, 1900 is a replacement name)
Genus Fretum Sykes, 1900 accepted as Orpiella Gray, 1855
Genus Kalendyma Gude, 1911 accepted as Orpiella Gray, 1855 (junior synonym)
Genus Necvidena Iredale, 1941 accepted as Trochomorpha Albers, 1850 (junior synonym)
Genus Rosselidena Iredale, 1941 accepted as Trochomorpha (Rosselidena) Iredale, 1941 represented as Trochomorpha Albers, 1850 (original rank)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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