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Codringtonia Kobelt, 1898

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Helix codringtonii Gray, 1834 accepted as Codringtonia codringtonii (Gray, 1834) (type by original designation)
Codringtonia (Codringtonia) Kobelt, 1898· accepted, alternate representation
Species Codringtonia codringtonii (Gray, 1834)
Species Codringtonia elisabethae Subai, 2005
Species Codringtonia eucineta (Bourguignat, 1857)
Species Codringtonia gittenbergeri Subai, 2005
Species Codringtonia helenae Subai, 2005
Species Codringtonia intusplicata (L. Pfeiffer, 1851)
Species Codringtonia parnassia (Roth, 1855)

Subgenus Codringtonia (Codringtonia) Kobelt, 1898 represented as Codringtonia Kobelt, 1898
  » Species Codringtonia (Codringtonia) elisabethae Subai, 2005 represented as Codringtonia elisabethae Subai, 2005
  » Species Codringtonia (Codringtonia) eucineta (Bourguignat, 1857) represented as Codringtonia eucineta (Bourguignat, 1857)
  » Species Codringtonia (Codringtonia) gittenbergeri Subai, 2005 represented as Codringtonia gittenbergeri Subai, 2005
  » Species Codringtonia (Codringtonia) helenae Subai, 2005 represented as Codringtonia helenae Subai, 2005
  » Species Codringtonia (Codringtonia) intusplicata (L. Pfeiffer, 1851) represented as Codringtonia intusplicata (L. Pfeiffer, 1851)
  » Species Codringtonia (Codringtonia) parnassia (Roth, 1855) represented as Codringtonia parnassia (Roth, 1855)
  » Species Codringtonia (Codringtonia) codringtonii (Gray, 1834) accepted as Codringtonia codringtonii (Gray, 1834)

Subgenus Codringtonia (Isaurica) Kobelt, 1901 accepted as Isaurica Kobelt, 1901 (original rank)
Subgenus Codringtonia (Neocrassa) Subai, 2005 accepted as Neocrassa Subai, 2005 (original rank)
Species Codringtonia neocrassa Zilch, 1952 accepted as Neocrassa neocrassa (Zilch, 1952) (original combination)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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basis of record Bank, R. A. (2017). Classification of the Recent terrestrial Gastropoda of the World. Last update: July 16th, 2017. [details]  OpenAccess publication 

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