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Crassatina Kobelt, 1881

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Crassatina (Crassatina) Kobelt, 1881· accepted, alternate representation
Crassatina (Scissulatina) M. Huber, 2010· accepted, alternate representation
Species Crassatina alba Cosel, 1995
Species Crassatina congoensis (Jaeckel & Thiele, 1931)
Species Crassatina contraria (Gmelin, 1791)
Species Crassatina corrugata (Adams & Reeve, 1850)
Species Crassatina dakarensis Cosel, 1995
Species Crassatina fusca (Kobelt, 1886)
Species Crassatina guineensis Cosel & Gofas, 2018
Species Crassatina inornata Wild & L. C. King, 1932 †
Species Crassatina marchadi Cosel, 1995
Species Crassatina modesta (H. Adams, 1869)
Species Crassatina nummaria Powell, 1931 †
Species Crassatina ornata (Gray in Griffith & Pidgeon, 1833)
Species Crassatina paeteli (Maltzan, 1885)
Species Crassatina senecta Powell, 1931 †
Species Crassatina triquetra (Reeve, 1842)

Subgenus Crassatina (Crassatina) Kobelt, 1881 represented as Crassatina Kobelt, 1881
Subgenus Crassatina (Scissulatina) M. Huber, 2010 represented as Crassatina Kobelt, 1881

Species Crassatina bellula (A. Adams, 1854) accepted as Talabrica bellula (A. Adams, 1854)
Species Crassatina capensis (Lamy, 1917) accepted as Crassatella capensis Lamy, 1917
Species Crassatina iredalei (Powell, 1958) accepted as Salaputium iredalei Powell, 1958
Species Crassatina planata (Calcara, 1840) accepted as Crassatina modesta (H. Adams, 1869)
Species Crassatina rikae Lamprell, 2003 accepted as Chattina rikae (Lamprell, 2003)
Species Crassatina sowerbyi (Lamy, 1917) accepted as Crenocrassatella sowerbyi (Lamy, 1917)
Species Crassatina suduirauti Lamprell, 2003 accepted as Chattina suduirauti (Lamprell, 2003) (original combination)
Not documented
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basis of record Gofas, S.; Le Renard, J.; Bouchet, P. (2001). Mollusca. in: Costello, M.J. et al. (eds), European Register of Marine Species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. <em>Patrimoines Naturels.</em> 50: 180-213., available online at [details]   

additional source Neave, Sheffield Airey. (1939-1996). Nomenclator Zoologicus vol. 1-10 Online. [developed by uBio, hosted online at MBLWHOI Library]., available online at [details]   
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