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Palmadusta humphreyii (Gray, 1825)

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Cypraea humphreysii Gray, 1825 (original combination)
Palmadusta humphreysii (Gray, 1825) (Incorrect original spelling, see taxonomic note)
Palmadusta humphreysii humphreisii (Gray, 1825)· accepted, alternate representation
Not documented
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Spelling humphreysii is an incorrect original spelling that was corrected by Gray himself in the errata page of the same volume of the Journal. See Petit (2012: 91):

"11. The species name humphreyii was on page 489, in error, as humphreysii. This was corrected by Gray on the Errata page [603] of the same volume of the Journal. This is a correct and valid emendation under I.C.Z.N. Article The name with its original incorrect spelling is in current usage, the errata sheet evidently having been overlooked by Cypraea specialists. Iredale & McMichael (1962: 61) list “humphreyii (humphreysii errore)” but do not mention the errata page. Schilder & Schilder (1971: 122) attributed that usage to Iredale & McMichael and listed it as “published in a not valid way” in the synonymy of Palmadusta lutea humphreysii on page 52."

This action, therefore, restores the original correct spelling of humphreyii. (FM, 2015-02-27). [details]
Palmadusta humphreysii
 Palmadusta humphreysii
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