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Hedley, C. (1899). The Mollusca of Funafuti. Part I - Gasteropoda. Memoirs of the Australian Museum. 3(7): 395-488, pl. 27.
Hedley, C.
The Mollusca of Funafuti. Part I - Gasteropoda
Memoirs of the Australian Museum
3(7): 395-488, pl. 27
Published 6 March 1899
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Akera aperta Hedley, 1899 accepted as Oxynoe aperta (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Atys dactylus Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Caecum gulosum Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Caecum vertebrale Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Cerithiopsis electrina Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Cerithium breve var. ellicensis Hedley, 1899 accepted as Clypeomorus brevis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1834) (original description)
Cerithium elegantissimum Hedley, 1899 accepted as Bittium elegantissimum (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Cerithium impendens Hedley, 1899 accepted as Bittium impendens (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Cerithium oceanicum Hedley, 1899 accepted as Clypeomorus bifasciata (G. B. Sowerby II, 1855) (original description)
Cerithium spiculum Hedley, 1899 accepted as Cerithium nesioticum Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1906 (original description)
Cerithium strictum Hedley, 1899 accepted as Cerithium egenum A. Gould, 1849 (original description)
Cirsonella ovata Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Clathurella irretita Hedley, 1899 accepted as Kermia irretita (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Columbella alofa Hedley, 1899 accepted as Mitrella alofa (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Columbella melvilli Hedley, 1899 accepted as Pyreneola melvilli (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Contumax Hedley, 1899 accepted as Cerithium Bruguière, 1789 (original description)
Contumax decollatus Hedley, 1899 accepted as Cerithium nodulosum Bruguière, 1792 (original description)
Cylichna erecta Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Diala virgata Hedley, 1899 accepted as Diala albugo (R. B. Watson, 1886) (original description)
Elysia nigropunctata var. sanguinea Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Eulima decipiens Hedley, 1899 accepted as Melanella decipiens (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Liotia parvissima Hedley, 1899 accepted as Lophocochlias parvissimus (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Marginella iota Hedley, 1899 accepted as Cystiscus iota (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Mecoliotia Hedley, 1899 accepted as Sansonia Jousseaume, 1892 (original description)
Mecoliotia halligani Hedley, 1899 accepted as Sansonia halligani (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Monilea tragema (Melvill & Standen, 1896) accepted as Vanitrochus tragema (Melvill & Standen, 1896) (basis of record)
Murex funafutiensis Hedley, 1899 accepted as Pygmaepterys funafutiensis (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Murex radula Hedley, 1899 accepted as Orania rosea Houart, 1996 (original description)
Nassa semitexta Hedley, 1899 accepted as Stosicia bourguignati (Issel, 1869) (original description)
Obtortio Hedley, 1899 accepted as Finella A. Adams, 1860 (original description)
Ovula hervieri Hedley, 1899 accepted as Habuprionovolva hervieri (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Phenacolepas senta Hedley, 1899 accepted as Zacalantica senta (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Retusa waughiana Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Ringicula incisa Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Ringicula parvula Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Rissoa invisibilis Hedley, 1899 accepted as Parashiela invisibilis (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Rissoina gemmea Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Rissoina polytropa Hedley, 1899 accepted as Isseliella mirabilis (Weinkauff, 1881) accepted as Stosicia mirabilis (Weinkauff, 1881) (original description)
Scala revoluta Hedley, 1899 accepted as Cycloscala revoluta (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Scaliola lapillifera Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Stylifer variciferus Hedley, 1899 accepted as Scalenostoma subulatum (Broderip, 1832) (original description)
Teinostoma qualum Hedley, 1899 accepted as Munditiella qualum (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Thetidos Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Thetidos morsura Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Triforis clio Hedley, 1899 accepted as Triphora clio Hedley, 1899 (original description)
Triforis thetis Hedley, 1899 accepted as Mastonia thetis (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Triforis torquatus Hedley, 1899 accepted as Coriophora ustulata (Hervier, 1898) (original description)
Turricula pilsbryi Hedley, 1899 accepted as Vexillum pilsbryi (Hedley, 1899) (original description)
Turritella concava E. von Martens, 1880 accepted as Turritella (Torcula) martensi Selli, 1974 accepted as Turritella martensi Selli, 1974 (additional source)
Ellice Islands for Cerithium breve var. ellicensis Hedley, 1899 
Ellice Islands for Cerithium elegantissimum Hedley, 1899 
Ellice Islands for Cerithium impendens Hedley, 1899 
Ellice Islands for Cerithium oceanicum Hedley, 1899 
Ellice Islands for Cerithium spiculum Hedley, 1899 
Ellice Islands for Cerithium strictum Hedley, 1899 
Ellice Islands for Contumax decollatus Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Atys dactylus Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Caecum gulosum Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Caecum vertebrale Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Cerithiopsis electrina Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Cirsonella ovata Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Clathurella irretita Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Clathurella irretita Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Clathurella irretita Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Columbella alofa Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Columbella melvilli Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Cylichna erecta Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Diala virgata Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Elysia nigropunctata var. sanguinea Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Eulima decipiens Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Marginella iota Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Nassa semitexta Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Ovula hervieri Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Phenacolepas senta Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Ringicula parvula Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Rissoa invisibilis Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Rissoina gemmea Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Rissoina polytropa Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Scala revoluta Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Scaliola lapillifera Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Stylifer variciferus Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Teinostoma qualum Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Thetidos morsura Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Triforis clio Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Triforis thetis Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Triforis torquatus Hedley, 1899 
Funafuti for Turricula pilsbryi Hedley, 1899 
Tuvalu for Turritella concava E. von Martens, 1880 
Tuvaluan Exclusive Economic Zone for Vanitrochus tragema (Melvill & Standen, 1896)  (origin: native - non-endemic)
Tuvaluan part of the South Pacific Ocean for Akera aperta Hedley, 1899 
Nontype AM C.5922, geounit Tuvalu, identified as Turritella concava E. von Martens, 1880
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