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Say, T. (1826). Descriptions of marine shells recently discovered on the coast of the United States. Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. 5(2):207-221.
Say, T.
Descriptions of marine shells recently discovered on the coast of the United States
Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Read 18/10/1825; Stated publication date 1827
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Amphidesma lepida Say, 1826 accepted as Lepton lepidum (Say, 1826) (original description)
Amphidesma radiata Say, 1826 accepted as Semele radiata (Say, 1826) (original description)
Calyptraea striata Say, 1826 accepted as Crucibulum striatum (Say, 1826) (original description)
Delphinula laxa Say, 1826 (original description)
Fusus decemcostatus Say, 1826 accepted as Neptunea decemcostata (Say, 1826) (original description)
Nassa alba Say, 1826 accepted as Phrontis alba (Say, 1826) (original description)
Nassa lunata Say, 1826 accepted as Astyris lunata (Say, 1826) (original description)
Patella alternata Say, 1826 accepted as Siphonaria alternata (Say, 1826) (original description)
Scalaria multistriata Say, 1826 accepted as Epitonium multistriatum (Say, 1826) (original description)
Turritella aequalis Say, 1826 accepted as Turbonilla aequalis (Say, 1826) (original description)
Turritella concava Say, 1826 accepted as Neoterebra concava (Say, 1826) (original description)
Venericardia tridentata Say, 1826 accepted as Pleuromeris tridentata (Say, 1826) (original description)
Volvaria canaliculata Say, 1826 accepted as Acteocina canaliculata (Say, 1826) (original description)
Florida for Scalaria multistriata Say, 1826 
Karachi Coast for Scalaria (Constantia) standeni Melvill, 1899 
Mediterranean Sea for Cerithiopsis concinna Sykes, 1925 
New Jersey Shelf for Calyptraea striata Say, 1826 
South Carolina for Amphidesma lepida Say, 1826 
South Carolina for Scalaria multistriata Say, 1826 

Calyptraea striata Say, 1826 is a junior homonym of Calyptraea striata Gray, 1825, unless Dispotaea can be ... [details]

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