New Molluscabase Home Page Online!

Added on 2024-05-23 15:59:24 by Vos, Chris
The refurbished Home Page of Molluscabase was launched by Dr. Philippe Bouchet on 18 May 2024 at the occasion of the 33rd International Shell Show in Edegem (Antwerp, Belgium).
Aside from the new look and feel - very similar to WoRMS and as such illustrating the affinities of WoRMS and Molluscabase - the new home page also contains news items. These are directly editable by editors, as such providing editors with a direct communication channel to users.

Also new is the link to a dedicated Facebook page, where users and editors can interact directly. Link: WoRMS & Molluscabase appreciation group | Facebook

Gratitude goes to Dr. Thomas Neubauer for revising the text - now hosted in the new "About" page -, to Jan-Johan ter Poorten for the graphic design, and to Ulrich Wieneke for the analysis of the survey results, preparation of proposals and general roll-out of the project ... and of course to all those of you who provided their valuable input and feedback to make this happen.


Chris Vos, F. L. S.
Taxonomical editor - Gastropoda

PHOTO: Dr. Bouchet receiving Belgian chocolates after the talk. The new home page is behind him on the TV screen.

New Molluscabase Home Page Online!

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