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Amnicolinae Tryon, 1863

819715  (

Amnicola A. Gould & Haldeman, 1840 (type by original designation)
marine, fresh, terrestrial
recent + fossil
Not documented
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page(s): 147 [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

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page(s): 21 [details]   

original description  (of Pseudobythinellini G. M. Davis & C.-E. Chen, 1992) Davis G.M., Chen Cui-E, Wu Chun, Kuang Tie-Fu, Xing Xin-Guo, Li Li, Liu Wen-Jian & Yan Yu-Lun. (1992). The Pomatiopsidae of Hunan, China (Gastropoda: Rissoacea). <em>Malacologia.</em> 34(1-2): 143-342., available online at
page(s): 154 [details]   

original description  (of Erhaiini G. M. Davis & Y.-H. Kuo, 1985) Davis, G. M.; Kuo, Y.-H.; Hoagland, K. E.; Chen, P.-L.; Yang, H.-M.; Chen, D.-J. (1985). <i>Erhaia</i>, a new genus and new species of Pomatiopsidae from China (Gastropoda: Rissoacea). <em>Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.</em> 137(2): 48-78.
page(s): 66 [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

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