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Laternulidae Hedley, 1918 (1840)

2092  (

Genus Cercomya Agassiz, 1842 †
Genus Exolaternula Habe, 1977
Genus Laternula Röding, 1798

Genus Anatina Lamarck, 1818 accepted as Laternula Röding, 1798 (invalid: junior homonym of Anatina Schumacher, 1817; Butor and Butorella are replacement names)
Genus Auriscalpium Megerle von Mühlfeld, 1811 accepted as Laternula Röding, 1798 (synonym)
Genus Butor Gistel, 1848 accepted as Laternula Röding, 1798 (synonym)
Genus Butorella Strand, 1928 accepted as Laternula Röding, 1798 (synonym)
Genus Laternulina Habe, 1952 accepted as Laternula Röding, 1798 (synonym)
Not documented
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