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Pupilloidea W. Turton, 1831

571595  (

Family Achatinellidae Gulick, 1873
Family Agardhiellidae Harl & Páll-Gergely, 2017
Family Amastridae Pilsbry, 1910
Family Argnidae Hudec, 1965
Family Cerastidae Wenz, 1923
Family Cochlicopidae Pilsbry, 1900 (1879)
Family Draparnaudiidae Solem, 1962
Family Enidae B. B. Woodward, 1903 (1880)
Family Fauxulidae Harl & Páll-Gergely, 2017
Family Gastrocoptidae Pilsbry, 1918
Family Lauriidae Steenberg, 1925
Family Odontocycladidae Hausdorf, 1996
Family Orculidae Pilsbry, 1918
Family Pagodulinidae Pilsbry, 1924
Family Partulidae Pilsbry, 1900
Family Pleurodiscidae Wenz, 1923
Family Pupillidae W. Turton, 1831
Family Pyramidulidae Kennard & B. B. Woodward, 1914
Family Spelaeoconchidae A. J. Wagner, 1928
Family Spelaeodiscidae Steenberg, 1925
Family Strobilopsidae Wenz, 1915
Family Valloniidae E. S. Morse, 1864
Family Vertiginidae Fitzinger, 1833

Family Cerastuidae Wenz, 1930 accepted as Cerastidae Wenz, 1923
Family Chondrulidae A. J. Wagner, 1928 accepted as Chondrulini Wenz, 1923 (junior synonym)
Family Cionellidae L. Pfeiffer, 1879 accepted as Cochlicopidae Pilsbry, 1900 (1879)
Family Cylindrovertillidae Iredale, 1940 accepted as Nesopupinae Steenberg, 1925 (unaccepted > unavailable name)
Family Elasmiatidae Kuroda & Habe, 1949 accepted as Elasmiatini Kuroda & Habe, 1949 (original rank)
Family Hypselostomatidae Zilch, 1959 accepted as Hypselostomatinae Zilch, 1959
Family Pachnodidae Steenberg, 1925 accepted as Cerastidae Wenz, 1923
Family Pacificellidae Steenberg, 1925 accepted as Pacificellinae Steenberg, 1925 (unaccepted > superseded rank)
Family Pupidae J. Fleming, 1822 accepted as Cerionidae Pilsbry, 1901 (invalid: type genus a junior homonym of Pupa Röding, 1798 [Acteonidae])
Family Pupisomatidae Iredale, 1940 accepted as Valloniidae E. S. Morse, 1864
Family Pupoididae Iredale, 1939 accepted as Pupoidinae Iredale, 1939 accepted as Pupillidae W. Turton, 1831
Family Strobilidae Jooss, 1911 accepted as Strobilopsidae Wenz, 1915 (invalid: type genus a junior homonym of Strobila M. Sars, 1829 [Cnidaria])
Family Tornatellinidae Sykes, 1900 accepted as Tornatellininae Sykes, 1900 (original rank)
Family Zuidae Bourguignat, 1884 accepted as Cochlicopidae Pilsbry, 1900 (1879)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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original description  (of Enoidea B. B. Woodward, 1903 (1880)) Woodward B.B. (1903). List of British non-marine Mollusca. <em>Journal of Conchology.</em> 10: 352-367.
page(s): 354, 358; note: as family Enidae [details]   

original description  (of Vertiginoidea Fitzinger, 1833) Fitzinger, L.J. (1833). Systematisches Verzeichniß der im Erzherzogthume Oesterreich vorkommenden Weichthiere, als Prodrom einer Fauna derselben. Beiträge zur Landeskunde Oesterreichs's unter der Enns, 3: 88-122. Wien., available online at
page(s): 109; note: as "Gruppe" Vertiginoidea, between genus and family.  [details]   

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page(s): 363 [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

status source Saadi, A. J.; Mordan, P. B.; Wade, C. M. (2021). Molecular phylogeny of the Orthurethra (Panpulmonata: Stylommatophora). <em>Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society.</em> , available online at [details]   

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